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Nuclear Negligence

Nuclear Negligence examines safety weaknesses at U.S. nuclear weapon sites operated by corporate contractors. The Center’s probe, based on contractor and government reports and officials involved in bomb-related work, revealed unpublicized accidents at nuclear weapons facilities, including some that caused avoidable radiation exposures.


Nuclear Negligence

Part 1 of 6

Published — June 18, 2017

A near-disaster at a federal nuclear weapons laboratory takes a hidden toll on America’s arsenal

Nuclear Negligence

Part 2 of 6

Published — June 20, 2017

Safety problems at a Los Alamos laboratory delay U.S. nuclear warhead testing and production

Nuclear Negligence

Part 3 of 6

Published — June 26, 2017

Light penalties and lax oversight encourage weak safety culture at nuclear weapons labs

Nuclear Negligence

Part 4 of 6

Published — June 27, 2017

More than 30 nuclear experts inhale uranium after radiation alarms at a weapons site are switched off

Nuclear Negligence

Part 5 of 6

Published — June 28, 2017

Repeated radiation warnings go unheeded at sensitive Idaho nuclear plant

Nuclear Negligence

Part 6 of 6

Published — August 1, 2017

Nuclear weapons contractors repeatedly violate shipping rules for dangerous materials