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Published — October 13, 2006

Measure 37: The Great Debates

Listening in on Oregon Public Radio’s in-depth broadcasts


On October 29, 2004, less than a week before Election Day, Oregon Territory, a weekly program on Oregon Public Radio, devoted its half-hour long broadcast to Measure 37.

Following an overview by reporter Rob Manning, guest host Morgan Holm moderated a discussion and debate between David Hunnicutt of Oregonians in Action and the Family Farm Preservation PAC, the chief backers of the ballot initiative, and Henry Richmond of 1000 Friends of Oregon and the “No on 37” effort.

After Measure 37’s passage, Oregon Territory devoted its December 3, 2004, program to a follow-up examination of its likely impact. Host Christy George interviewed Manning, land-use lawyer Ed Sullivan, and Laurie Craghead, assistant legal counsel of Deschutes County.

Listen to the October 29, 2004 broadcast
Listen to the December 3, 2004 broadcast

Audio courtesy of Oregon Public Radio.

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