Published — November 5, 2016

Best of the Center for Public Integrity’s 2016 election coverage

Writing reflects bizarre nature of a truly long, strange trip


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speak during the second presidential debate on Oct. 9, 2016, at Washington University in St. Louis. (John Locher/AP)

Without question, the 2016 presidential election will go down as one of the strangest in history.

From the emergence of socialist U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont as a viable opponent to Hillary Clinton to the stunning takeover of the Republican Party by Donald Trump, this cycle everything we thought we knew about money in politics, and politics in general, has been turned on its head.

As a special feature, we’ve selected what we consider to be some of our best and most useful coverage of not only the presidential race, but also key races in the states, for some pre-election reading.

Please enjoy:

The Race for President

In the States

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