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Published — December 19, 2008 Updated — May 19, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET

Barack Obama’s 21 biggest fans


Speculating on the next ambassadors to countries blessed by warm and cozy climates? You could do worse than starting with this list: Twenty-one individuals who have donated to Obama’s campaign and the inaugural committee, and have also bundled campaign contributions for the president-elect.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee has, so far, released the names of nearly 450 individuals who have donated more than $200 toward the January festivities.

Among these donors, 39 had been identified by the Barack Obama campaign as bundlers of $50,000 of more.

While most of those 39 bundlers personally contributed, 21 of them gave the maximum of $4,600 in contributions for Obama’s primary and general election campaigns. They are:

  • Mitchell Berger of Parkland, Florida, an attorney
  • Frank Brosens of Bedford, New York, a capital investor with Taconic Capital Partners
  • Robert Clark of St. Louis, chairman and CEO of Clayco, a real estate development company
  • Blair Effron of New York, an investment banker with Center View Partners
  • Suzanne Faber of Chicago
  • Alan Fox of Studio City, California, president of ACF Property Management
  • Howard Gottlieb of Evanston, Illinois
  • Edward Haddock of Winter Park, Florida, CEO of the Full Sail University, an entertainment media college.
  • Donald Hinkle of Tallahassee, Florida, an attorney
  • Mark Iola of Dallas, an attorney
  • Wayne Jordan of Oakland, California, a real estate investor
  • Michael Kempner of Cresskill, New Jersey, president of the MWW Group, a public relations firm
  • Daniel Loeb of New York, an investment manager with Third Point LLC
  • Barbara Manilow of Chicago
  • Neal Manne of Houston, an attorney
  • Cappy McGarr of Dallas, a capital investor
  • Hassan Nemazee of New York, a capital investor
  • Bruce Oreck of Boulder, Colorado, an attorney
  • Michael Sacks of Highland Park, Illinois, a hedge fund manager for Grosvenor Capital Management
  • Beatrice Welters of McLean, Virginia, chairman of the An Bryce Foundation
  • Frank White of Silver Spring, Maryland

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