War in Afghanistan and Iraq

Published — November 19, 2007 Updated — May 19, 2014 at 12:19 pm ET

Top 100 Contractors in Iraq, Afghanistan

Using data from FY 2004-2006, the Center compiled the top defense contractors gaining off conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan


This list was created from data covering contract transactions executed in fiscal years 2004, 2005, and 2006, where the reported place of performance was Iraq or Afghanistan. The data — available from the General Service
Administration’s Federal Procurement Data System — is limited to the 100 vendors receiving the most obligated funds during this three-year period.

When the Center for Public Integrity published its first “Windfalls of War” investigation, in October 2003, up-to-date data on federal contracting activity was not available. As a result, Center staff gathered contract amounts from documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Since then, however, most such contracts
for the post-war efforts list Iraq or Afghanistan as their “place of performance,” making the contracting process more transparent and the search for data—available from the General Service Administration’s Federal Procurement Data
System—more methodical.

Contract amounts in the new data represent actual dollars obligated for products or services. Because of variability in how amounts were reported in the 2003 documents, amounts from the original report cannot be accurately combined or
compared with dollar amounts in the 2007 update.

The updated data does not include all Iraq reconstruction contracts. For example, contract transactions handled by the Army Joint Contracting Command Iraq/Afghanistan is maintained in a separate system. Though summary information about those contracts is available from various sources, including the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction quarterly reports to Congress, detailed transaction information is not generally available to the public.

The Center has requested information about these contract transactions under the Freedom of Information Act. That
information will be added here as it is made available.

To the best of our ability, we have attributed contract amounts in the new data to the parent companies of the various
divisions and subsidiaries reported. Parent companies were identified using such sources as the GSA’s Central
Contractor Registry, online business information services, and company websites.

Top 100 Contractors

* Unindentified Foreign Contractors
1. KBR (formerly Kellogg Brown and Root)
2. DynCorp International (Veritas Capital)
3. Washington Group International
4. IAP Worldwide Services (Cerberus Capital Management)
5. Environmental Chemical Corporation
6. L-3 Communications Holdings
7. Fluor Corporation
8. Perini Corporation
9. Orascom Construction Industries
10. Parsons Corporation
11. First Kuwaiti General Trading and Contracting
12. Blackwater USA
13. Tetra Tech
14. AMEC
15. Laguna Pueblo (Laguna Construction)
16. AECOM Technology
17. Toltest
18. Lockheed Martin
19. Weston Solutions
20. Red Star Enterprises
21. U.S.-Afghanistan Reconstruction Council
22. Triple Canopy
23. Shaw Group
24. General Dynamics
25. Innovative Technical Solutions
26. USA Environmental
27. Ellis Environmental Group
28. Petrol Ofisi
29. EOD Technology
30. I and S Acquisition Corporation
31. Refinery Associates of Texas
32. Mac International FZE
33. CH2M HILL Companies
34. Zafer Insaat (Zafer Construction Company)
35. Cape Environmental Management
36. Odebrecht-Austin Joint Venture
37. Aegis Defence Services
38. CACI International
39. Verizon Communications
40. Framaco International
41. Ronco Consulting
42. Emta Insaat
43. Technologists, Inc.
44. URS Corporation
45. Tyco International
46. Turcas Petrol
47. Prime Projects International General Trading
48. Rizzani de Eccher
49. Trigeant, Ltd.
50. Boeing Company
51. Harris Corporation
52. Zapata Engineering
53. Berger Group Holdings
54. Camp Dresser & McKee
55. Erinys International
56. Versar, Inc.
57. Biltek
58. Sperian Protection
59. United Infrastructure Projects
60. RSEA Engineering
61. URS Group-Louis Berger Group Joint Venture
62. Raytheon Company
63. SPARK Petrol
64. ITT Corporation
65. Yuksel Insaat
66. Northrop Grumman
67. Zenith Enterprises
68. Amjad Dar Essalam Contracting
69. Compass Group
70. Alfa Consult
71. Environmental Quality Management
72. Al Hamra Kuwait Company
73. Dogus Insaat (Dogus Construction Company)
74. Delta Petrol Urunleri (Delta Petroleum Products)
75. Kropp Holdings
76. SM Consulting
77. SHV Holdings
78. Metag Insaat (Metag Construction Trade Co.)
79. Al-Khaffaf Group
80. Stanley Baker Hill
81. Telford Aviation
82. SEI Group
83. CDM/CAPE Joint Venture
84. Watkinson, L.L.C.
85. First Iraq Contracting
86. AllWorld Language Consultant
87. MWH Global
88. Oshkosh Truck
89. Al Wadan Company
90. Diplomat Freight Service
91. Concentric Project Controllers
92. Computer Sciences Corporation
93. Ho-Chunk, Inc.
94. Coastal International Security
95. Global Innovation Partners
96. Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions
97. Detection Monitoring Technologies
98. Associates In Rural Development
99. ITAS Engineering
100. OBD Construction Company

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