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Published — August 3, 2021

Listen to Public Integrity’s stories


Now you can listen to our longform investigations whenever you want — while driving your kids to school, walking your dog or making lunch, among other activities. The Center for Public Integrity is making audio versions of our investigations available through a number of podcast services. We hope that this effort will make our stories more accessible for all readers. 

Our read-aloud investigations are narrated and produced by a cross-section of voices. 

Our narrators include Asian, Black, Hispanic, white and mixed race audio professionals. Many identify as LGBTQ+, and many speak multiple languages. They hold associate’s degrees to Ph.D.s. The group includes a professional opera singer, a doctor of medicine, a music educator and several podcasters.

You can access the audio versions of our stories below or subscribe to listen to our investigations wherever you get your podcasts. 

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