Debt Deception?

Published — August 19, 2011

Are you having trouble repaying loans?

Help inform a new iWatch News series by sharing your insights


As part of our ongoing Debt Deception series, iWatch News is publishing stories about borrower nightmares, profiling Americans from different walks of life who borrowed money with terms they didn’t understand and couldn’t afford.

To get a better understanding of issues that many consumers are dealing with, we’d like to hear from more borrowers who are having trouble repaying their debt. Do you owe money on a loan with high interest rates? Did you sign up for a cash advance, but were unclear on the terms? Are you having trouble keeping up with your monthly payments?

Tell us about your experience by taking a few minutes to fill out the form below. Your response will remain confidential to reporters in our newsroom, and trusted partners within the Public Insight Network. You can also share your debt with us on Twitter by tweeting the amount you owe, type of loan, and interest payment with the hashtag #mydebt.

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