BLOWOUT: Inside America's Energy Gamble

Published — December 18, 2018

Watch ‘Blowout,’ the documentary about soaring U.S. oil and gas exports

A new documentary from Newsy traces the fallout from the fossil-fuel boom, with a focus on impacts to local communities and the climate.


The national news network Newsy is releasing a feature-length documentary about soaring American oil and gas exports, part of a partnership with the Center for Public Integrity, The Texas Tribune and The Associated Press.

The documentary, “Blowout: Inside America’s energy gamble,” traces the fallout from the fossil-fuel boom, with a focus on the health of people living amid drilling and ominous changes to the world’s climate. Newsy journalists spent 10 months traveling across four countries to produce the 85-minute feature, starting in West Texas and Colorado and following the trail of exports through the Panama Canal and on to Asia.

The documentary will air on the Newsy cable channel tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern time. “Blowout” will be available streaming online in early 2019.

The four-newsroom “Blowout” partnership has also produced a series of stories about the implications of America’s exports push.

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