Criminalizing Kids

Published — September 13, 2021

Criminalizing kids: What’s happening in communities

A school resource officer in South Portland, Maine, stands outside the main office as students exit for the weekend in 2018. (Carl D. Walsh/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)


Students of color and those with disabilities face encounters with law enforcement at school at a higher rate than their peers.

That’s according to an analysis of the latest student referral to police data from the Department of Education. The Center for Public Integrity in collaboration with USA TODAY and Univision examined these disparities on a national level.

In order to understand what’s happening in schools, communities need to understand student to police referrals on a local level.

That’s why we collaborated with media organizations across the country. We shared the data, our findings and our data reporting expertise when needed with the journalists who know their communities best.

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