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Published — August 30, 2018

Submit your questions to Ask Immigration Decoded

We’re fact-checking claims and misconceptions about immigration that you want us to look into.


The immigration debate is raging on with a lot of passion and misinformation. As an investigative newsroom, we believe in telling in-depth stories about the people and policies that others aren’t paying attention to and providing context to talking points and data. 

#AskImmigrationDecoded is a community-driven reporting project where you can get your voice heard in our immigration coverage. The Center’s immigration coverage is led by Susan Ferriss, who has decades of experience covering this topic.

Here’s how it works:

1) You submit your questions. You might wonder: Why can’t people who want to immigrate to the U.S. just get in line? Is there really a border crisis? Which industries rely heavily on undocumented immigration? Why can’t Congress agree on a sensible immigration policy?

2) We’ll take the top questions and put a few up for a vote with our readers.

3) If your question wins, it’ll turn into a future story on our Immigration Decoded blog. If we choose to report your question, we’ll get in touch and keep you updated on what we find before we share the story with the world.

So, ask away!


Once the top few questions are chosen, vote below for which one you think we should answer next! 

Unsure of what to ask? Take a look at examples of questions we’ve answered in the past, all of which were asked by our readers! 

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